InsideOut is a drawing made after the lost of my beloved Grandmother Margit Bülow in November 2015. Margit blessed this earth with her presence and touched many souls during her 104 years in this life.

– Stay curious, and see others. That and to be seen, she said, is the recipe for a long life.

InsideOut limited edition artprint is available in the shop.



Artprint and photo: Anna Bülow


Photo shoot

A grey misty day in Nydalen, Oslo. The old warehouse, with the most amazing industrial feel was the backdrop for the first photo shoot with my prints.

Photographer Nina Hurum works with natural light and we were hoping for the sun to break thru the clouds. Suddenly it did, and the sunbeams danced thru the large warehouse windows and created a beautiful scenery in front of us. Magical!

Press images from the shoot are available here


Kunstutstilling Galleri Festiviteten 8. nov – 14. des 2014

Velkommen til juleutstilling i koselig miljø og flotte omgivelser i Galleri Festiviteten. Festiviteten, som også har kunstbutikk og kafé, ligger vis-a-vis Eidsvoll Verk og er absolutt et utflyktsmål å anbefale.

Åpent torsdag – søndag 11 – 16.

Helgen den 13. – 14 desember er det julemarked i stallgården på Eidsvoll verk (kl 12 – 17). Da vil jeg være til stede i galleriet sammen med mine medutstillere Kari Anne Marstein og Hanne Jørgensen. Les mer om Festiviteten her:

Hjertelig velkommen!

Foto: GalleriFestiviteten
Foto: GalleriFestiviteten
Romerikes Blad
Romerikes Blad
Hanne Jørgensen, Anna Bülow, Kari Anne Marstein Galleri Festiviteten 2014
Hanne Jørgensen, Anna Bülow, Kari Anne Marstein
Gallerifestiviteten-främmande-scen  akryl 80x120 annabülow 2014
«Främmande scen» Anna Bülow 2014
 "Vägvisare" Anna Bülow 2014
«Vägvisare» Anna Bülow 2014
"Prövning" Anna Bülow 2014
«Prövning» Anna Bülow 2014

Feeling blue

There´s an ocean out there. A beautiful sea of colours. And though it might seem like an easy task to pick a few of them – I can assure you that it´s not. Not for me anyway. Well, sometimes I know the excact nuance for a project, but more often, the endless choises takes me on a long, stormy, journey. This time I felt blue. So that’s where I stept ashore.

Project: «Mirror 2014/2015»

Art prints, pillows and bags.

Project: Mirror 2014/2015
Project: Mirror 2014/2015
Project: Mirror 2014
Project: Mirror 14/15
Project: Mirror
Project: Mirror 2014/2015
Project: Mirror
Project: Mirror 2014/2015

Face 1, styling and a new home

What a compliment when your drawing get to be in an interiorstyling for Zanz interior store. You can visit them here: Here´s the result! Styled by talented: And beautiful photo: Vidipix,

ZanZ interior store
Styling: photo: Vidipix,

Thank you for sharing! photo:

My soul is here

The northern west coast in Sweden is wild. The nature is always present all year round. The powerful winter storms, the rain, the saltwater, the waves and the sun from a clear blue sky. I always feel enpowered and inspired after a visit. My heart feels at home and my spirit belong there.. This weekend I, one of my sisters and our niese went to Ramsvik for a spontaneous photoshoot. The target was my newest series of birch trays and coasters. «Ramsvik» design: Anna Bülow (copyright 2014)

Coaster "Ramsvik"


Bricka "Ramsvik"

Underlägg "Ramsvik"

Bricka "Ramsvik"